Hello guys

Do you know  GoogleAdsence is a scam??!!

Google is targeting webmasters with this cunning technique.

Google will never ever pay to anyone.

Do you know how google is surviving on internet?

They have this scam called GoogleAdsence to target webmaster to advert their sponsored sites. So web masters will try hard to advertise their sites. Every day google will show that they have earned hundreds of dollars on the daily report So the innocent webmasters will take more and more effort to make money. Then what google will do is before the payment date close their account with out any reasons.Google  wont even reply to their e-mails. There is no contact number or contact person for google. So where can they go and complain???

Most of the peoples think google is a well known good company. but they are not. Every day they targeting thousands of web masters and cheating them with out paying. So peoples don't use google search or participate in their adsence programmes.You will be cheated for sure.So dont be a next victim of google


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